जनवरी, 2020 की पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं

CoE in Blockchain (NIC)

Source : AIR और पढ़ें

MoU between Ladakh & NITI Aayog (Infrastructure Development)

Source : PIB और पढ़ें

Endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins (Chilka Lake)

Source : TH और पढ़ें

White Rhino (Northern) : IVF

Source : IE और पढ़ें

NH Excellence Award First cycle (2018)

Source : PIB और पढ़ें

31st National Road Safety Week : NSC

Source : PIB और पढ़ें

Makar Sankranti : President's Greetings

Source : PIB और पढ़ें

Indian Cobra Genome Decoded

Source : IE और पढ़ें

Raisina Dialogue as Vibrant forum : PM Modi

Source : AIR और पढ़ें

Road Accident database : IRAD

Source : TH और पढ़ें

Policy for rare diseases treatment : MHFW

Source : IE और पढ़ें

2nd Eat Right Mela (NetSCoFAN)

In Context : Union Health Minister (Dr. Harsh Vardhan) launched NetSCoFAN stand for Network for Scientific Co-operation for Fo… और पढ़ें

Minority Educational Institutions (MSCA)

In Context : The Supreme Court has held that state can regulate minority educational institutions. In News : The j… और पढ़ें

IDRSS (Gaganyaan crew)

In Context : India plans to ring in its own era of space-to-space tracking and communication of its space assets in 2020 by … और पढ़ें

Recommended Dietary Allowance : WHO & NIN

In Context : A new study by CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) showed that salt and fat in an array of “junk food” w… और पढ़ें


In Context : The Union Cabinet approved a proposal to update National Population Register and conduct Census 2021. In Ne… और पढ़ें

Savitribai Phule (1831 – 1897)

In Context : The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has paid tributes to Savitribai Phule on her birth anniversary. Savi… और पढ़ें

107th Indian Science Congress

In Context : Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the '107th Indian Science Congress', which is being held fro… और पढ़ें

Is West Asia headed for war ?

( The Hindu ) UPSC - IR                                 In Context: The U.S. killing… और पढ़ें

Class 32nd | Pisces - Migration

Full Course ( Registration Required ) -   http://bit.ly/zoologyReg In this lesson we discuss  Pisces - Migration  for UPSC 2… और पढ़ें

Story of Lord Krishna and King Kansa : Dhanu Jatra

The famous 11-day long ‘ Dhanu Jatra ’, considered as the largest open-air theatre of the world began at Bargarh in Odisha.… और पढ़ें

Swachh Survekshan 2020 : Indore (1st Rank)

Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs announced the results of Swachh Survekshan League 2020, for first and seco… और पढ़ें

Class 31st | Pisces - Locomotion

Full Course ( Registration Required ) -   http://bit.ly/zoologyReg In this lesson we discuss  Pisces - Locomotion  for UPSC … और पढ़ें

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