Minority Educational Institutions (MSCA)

Image result for Madrasah Service Commission Act of 2008In Context :
The Supreme Court has held that state can regulate minority educational institutions.
In News :
  • The judgment came on a challenge to the validity of the West Bengal (MSCA) Madrasah Service Commission Act of 2008.
  • The State Act mandated that the method of appointment of teachers in aided madrasahs, recognised as minority institutions, would be done by a Madrasah Service Commission, whose decision would be binding.

About :
  • The Supreme Court held that the State is well within its rights to introduce a regulatory regime within the “national interest” to supply minority educational institutions with well-qualified teachers in order for them to “achieve excellence in education.”
  • The managements of minority institutions cannot ignore such a legal regime by saying that it's their fundamental right under Article 30 of the Constitution to ascertain and administer their educational institutions according to their choice.

Source : The Hindu

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