Food Spoilage | Chemical

Article By : Dheeraj Sharma

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Food :

Food are materials, raw, processed or formulated, that are consumed orally by humans or animals for growth, health, satisfaction, pleasure and satisfying social needs.
Food are mainly composed of water, lipids, fat and carbohydrate with small proportions of minerals and organic compounds.

Important Points :
Food preservation
Food Spoilage : 
Food spoilage may be defined as any change that renders food unfit for human consumption. These changes may be caused by various factors, including contamination by microorganisms, infestation by insects, or degradation by endogenous enzymes (those present naturally in the food).
  • Microbial 
  • Physical
  • Chemical
Chemical Food Spoilage :
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Autoxidation
  • Maillard reaction
  • Light-induced reactions

Questions : 
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  1. Why does nonfat dry milk sometimes become tan or brownish ?
  2. Why does shredded, dried coconut become tan or brownish ?
  3. What if a newly purchased package of dried fruits contains brown peaches and apricots ?
  4. What has caused butter stored in the refrigerator to have an off-odor ?

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